Mylar Wrapping Machine

Main features of the equipment:

1.The layout of the equipment is simple and easy to maintain Yield rate ≥ 99.8% Activation > 96%, It takes the unmanned remote monitoring and docking with the MES system to achieve full traceability of production information

2. The equipment adopts rotary structure to realize automatic loading and automatic loading and unloading of bottom bracket and Mylar, automatic hot melting, automatic wrapping, automatic hot melting of upper, lower and side sides, automatic unloading and automatic production.

3. Manual tape reloading without stopping can realize continuous and uninterrupted production.

4.The hot-melt head is controlled separately which is convenient for commission and ensures the stability of the hot-melt effect. The temperature is 210°C and the pre-heating (within 0.8S) and the lowering action are synchronized. The heat preservation is 0.3S and the cooling is 0.9S.

  • Mylar Wrapping Machine
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