Tab Welding Machine

Main features of the equipment:

1.Simple layout and easy to maintain. Yield ≥ 99.5% Activation> 98% It takes unmanned operation remote monitoring and docking with MES system to realize the whole production information traceability.

2.The dust suction cover is set on the cell side of tab welding mechanism to prevent welding slag from falling into the cell. The dust suction cover can timely absorb metal debris and dust with the welding head action. Welding accuracy: ±0.2mm.

3.TAB are fed by magazine and the single loading can meet the production demand of two hours which can monitor the positive and negative side in real time and the material existence. The feeding positioning accuracy is ±0.2mm.

4.The tab cutter is equipped with scraper device which can set the scraper frequency according to the production situation effectively avoiding the phenomenon of sticking knife.

5.There are many ways of high temperature adhesive pasting, such as upper and lower separate taping, U-shaped taping etc., which can meet the needs of different taping methods.

6.Different configurations and combinations can be adopted according to capacity requirements to meet the individual needs of the factory.

  • Tab Welding Machine
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