Cold & hot pressing machine

Main features of the equipment:

1.The equipment layout is simple, easy to maintain Yield ≥ 99.9% Activation > 96% It takes unmanned remote monitoring and docking with MES system to realize full traceability of production information.

2.Adopt the ceramic plating process developed and optimized for the lithium battery industry and the specific hot-pressed plate component machining process need to ensure the flatness of the pressing plate and the parallelism of assembly for solving the problem of the film sticky during cell hot pressing process.

3.The heating plate has dual temperature control settings and the temperature control accuracy is ≤±3°C

4.Set the height limit block at the opposite corner to prevent the over-voltage of the cell and the pressure accuracy: ≤±150kg

5.Perform Hi-pot test on the cell at the same time by hot pressing

6.A single set of hot pressing components can reach up to 4~5 layers

7.The hot and cold pressing equipment can be selected to meet the individual needs of the factory according to the characteristics of the cell process.

  • Cold & hot pressing machine
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