Package Machine

Main features of the equipment:

1.The equipment layout is simple, easy to maintain, yield rate ≥ 99.5%, utilization rate > 98%, unmanned remote monitoring, and docking with the MES system to achieve full traceability of production information.

2.The cycle fixture method is adopted to realize the automatic production of film, automatic cell feeding, positioning, cutting,encapsulation and other processes.

3.The film cutting mechanism is equipped with a material receiving box and dust cover which can collect the film waste and take blower device and negative pressure dust removal device to absorb cutting waste and dust.

4.The temperature deviation of the cell top and bottom sealing horn and anvil is ±3°C and the head heating base adopts the heat shield sealing temperature compensation design and the time required to heat up from room temperature to 200°C is less than 10 minutes.

5.The sealing time and sealing pressure range can be adjusted freely. The gap between the cell body and the sealing head is adjustable and there is a digital display micrometer at the adjustment position and the position of the sealing mechanism is precise and controllable.

6.Different configurations and combinations can be adopted according to capacity requirements to meet the individual needs of the factory.

  • Package Machine
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